Tread Design: Ground-Gripping, High Performance Tread Design—With Deep and Shallow Tread Options Available


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RhinoGator® is available in two tread styles: deep tread and shallow tread. The shallow tread design features a lower tread profile and was developed especially for use on lighter soils.

The high-traction RhinoGator® tread pattern on both deep and shallow tread versions has been computer-designed for a secure grip on wet soils—even up inclines that challenge ordinary rubber tires. The tread pattern has also been engineered for self-cleaning, further ensuring optimal grip and traction.

RhinoGator® can stand up to the weight that is typical under pivots. The heavy-duty center rib reduces side hill slippage, adds strength and stability, and allows for a lower profile sidewall for greater traction and self-cleaning.

The tread design is non-directional, allowing RhinoGator to work effectively clockwise or counterclockwise.

RhinoGator Shallow Tread Design

Tread Design
  • Tread Design

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