RhinoGator® 14.9×24 Pivot Tires Now Offered for Wider Rim


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Responding to market demand, RhinoGator® has developed a new 14.9×24 no-flat pivot tire that fits 12”x24” rims for an increased operating footprint. Featuring a low tread profile, reinforced center rib and wide tread lugs, this poly-constructed flotation tire is compatible with all brands of center-pivot irrigation systems and is ideal for use in both light and heavy soils. Typically, this wider rim is used on newer model Valley pivots but will fit any pivot that uses a 12” wide rim.

14.9x24Like the original RhinoGator® tire, the new 14.9×24 tire is guaranteed to never go flat. Constructed of extremely durable high-density composite plastic resins (including corn-based plastic), it is engineered especially for the rugged conditions of pivot irrigation. Its high-traction, non-directional tread design results in optimum performance, regardless of pivot direction, while the sturdy center rib and large anti-slip plate provide overall integrity, reliability and strength.

RhinoGator® tires are precision manufactured in the U.S. for consistency and easy assembly. They come with the highest UV protection package available and are covered by a five-year limited warranty. They fit standard pivot wheels and are available pre-mounted if desired.

Both the original and shallow tread RhinoGator® tires are available in 11.2-38 and 11.2-24 sizes. The new 14.9×24 tire fits a 10”x24” rim and now 12”x24” rim is available in a single tread depth combining the shallow tread design with increased traction lugs.

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