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Reinke Mfg. Adds RhinoGator® as Original Equipment

Posted: June 26, 2015

RhinoGator® has announced a partnership with Reinke Manufacturing to supply RhinoGator – The No-Flat Pivot Tire as original equipment. Reinke will begin offering selectr RhinoGator® tire and wheel options as parts orders and on new system sales both domestically and internationally via their dealer netowrk.

RhinoGator® 14.9×24 Pivot Tires Now Offered for Wider Rim

Posted: April 15, 2015

Responding to market demand, RhinoGator® has developed a new 14.9×24 no-flat pivot tire that fits 12”x24” rims for an increased operating footprint. Featuring a low tread profile, reinforced center rib and wide tread lugs, this poly-constructed flotation tire is compatible with all brands of center-pivot irrigation systems and is ideal for use in both light and heavy soils. Typically, this wider rim is used on newer model Valley pivots but will fit any pivot that uses a 12” wide rim.


RhinoGator® Adds 14.9×24 Size to Pivot Tire Range

Posted: March 31, 2015

Poly Tire Fits 10×24 Rim For Increased Footprint

RhinoGator® has announced the new 14.9×24 version of its popular no-flat pivot tire.  This option was developed for use in areas where this size tire is already popular especially in non-grain crop applications.   Features of the RhinoGator® 14.9×24 option include a lower tread profile, reinforced center rib and wide tread lugs.  Built for a 10×24 rim, this poly tire will increase flotation in light or heavy soils and on any brand of pivot.

Rhinogator Appears in Farm of the Future Magazine

Posted: January 13, 2014

A manufacturer of deep-tread plastic tires for center-pivot irrigation systems, RhinoGator, has expanded its product offering to include tires with shallow treads. The shallow tread is intended to reduce soil disturbance, compaction and slippage specifically in light soils. They fit standard pivot wheels and can be premounted, if needed. Both deep- and shallow-tread tires come in 11.2-38 and 11.2-24 sizes from RhinoGator, based in Gothenburg, Neb. The tires are composed of composite polyethylene resins and corn-based plastic; they feature a non-directional tread design.

RhinoGator® Adds Shallow Tread Design Option

Posted: November 3, 2013

Lower Tread Profile Suited for Pivots on Lighter Soils

GOTHENBURG, NE—RhinoGator® has announced a new shallow tread version of its popular no-flat pivot tire. The shallow tread option was developed especially for use in light soils and features a lower tread profile. When used on light soils, the shallow tread RhinoGator® reduces soil disturbance and compaction, while also reducing slippage during pivot operation.




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