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RhinoGator® FAQs

How much do they cost?

We do not post prices on our website so call us for a quote or to locate your nearest dealer. 866-97-RHINO (866-977-4466).

How long will they last?

10+ years. Through accelerated UV testing and in-field tests we have proved them to last at least 10 years. Under ideal conditions, the RhinoGator may stand up for much longer.

How long have they been on the market?

RhinoGator was introduced in September 2012. Testing has been in place since May 2011. We have taken extreme measures to test any product before launching to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

What is the warranty?

RhinoGator offers 5 year replacement limited warranty. It works similar to any other tire warranty.

Will they get stuck?

We would never boast that the RhinoGator will not get stuck. Many users have said it has better traction than a rubber tire. Soil conditions, watering rate, weather, and many other variables will determine the traction of a pivot tire. Keep in mind; this is a No-Flat Pivot Tire solution.

Do they leave a rut or track?

Again, we would never boast that the RhinoGator will not get leave tracks. Soil conditions, water rate, weather, and many other variables will determine the track left by a pivot tire. If this is a concern, we recommend going to a wider tire size for increased flotation.

Are they hard on gearboxes and drivetrains?

Plastic tires are not a new concept. Our testing has shown absolutely no difference in gearbox wear between a RhinoGator and a rubber pivot tire. We have found that the RhinoGator has such positive traction that when it engages under certain conditions it may strain a badly worn gearbox. Naturally this instance could happen with any type of tire. A major pivot manufacturer has no history of gearbox problems with this no-flat technology.

Will they break, weather-check, or rot?

No. We use high-linear density polyethylene with the best UV package available. The difference between good plastic and bad plastic, in simple terms, is how much UV resistance is formulated into it. Ironically, this is the most expensive part of the plastic so plan on paying a little more for a better product. Also, we use only virgin polyethylene – no recycled plastic to cheapen the tire.

Are the bolts stainless steel?

No. Stainless steel bolts are not easy to torque tight or loosen once tightened since it is a softer metal. We use nitrate treated, corrosion resistant steel hardware.

Where are they made?

Made in the USA. Indiana to be precise.

Do I have to shear off the bolts when I put it on the wheel?

No, all our bolts are supplied pre-cut to length and due to precision construction, there is no need to suck the two halves together with longer bolts when mounting.

What sizes of RhinoGator are available?

11.2×24, 11.2×38 and 14.9×24.

Are the RhinoGators hollow? If so, will it fill up with mud or water?

Yes, it is hollow. No, it will not fill up since the cavity is completely sealed during the manufacturing process to eliminate any possibility of water or mud getting inside. Also, the valve stem on the wheel will be sealed up with the traction plate reducing any possibility for mud to find its way inside the wheel.

What wheels do the RhinoGators fit on? Do they fit on my existing wheels?

The 11.2×24 will fit on an 8×24 wheel. The 11.2×38 will fit on a 10×38 wheel. The 14.×24 fits on a 10×24 wheel. The RhinoGator may fit on your existing wheel but we recommend checking the exact width before ordering.

Will the RhinoGator tire slip or spin on the wheel?

No. A steel traction plate is fastened via the valve stem hole to prevent any slippage. In addition, the tires are precision engineered to fit snug on the wheel with the bolts tight.

Will they work on rocky ground?

Yes. RhinoGators have been successfully tested from Texas to Washington to Saskatchewan to Georgia.

Can they go over bridges?

Yes. We recommend installing a solid surface on the bridge such as steel mesh. Alternately, it is recommended to install cross bars at the surface 6” OC.

Why are they green?

Black is boring. Green also has a higher UV resistance than other colors.

Will the cows eat them?

Not a chance.

Can you use them with a mud lug?

Yes, just the same as you would on rubber tire.

Will they fit on a 11.2×22.5 recap wheel?

No, this is a 8.25×22.5 truck wheel. An 11.2×24 RhinoGator will only fit on an 8×24 implement rim.

Can I pick up my tires and wheels from RhinoGator?

Sure. There are few things to keep in mind. Ask your salesperson which location to pick up from: 511 Cottonwood Drive in Gothenburg, NE or 5360 W. 84th St in Indianapolis, IN. State and city sales tax will be applicable if you pick up your merchandise unless we have a resale tax ID form on file. This is applicable even for out-of-state customers.

What are your freight rates?

We partner with major LTL carrier like FedEx to negotiate extremely competitive freight rates. Often our rates will be less expensive than picking up from our warehouses. At your door delivery is also much more convenient.

Can I get OE wheels from RhinoGator?

Yes. We buy and stock OE wheels mainly galvanized. You can buy RhinoGators mounted on wheels for quick swap out in the field for Valley, Zimmatic, Reinke, T-L and Pierce pivots. As a subsidiary of Dawson Tire and Wheel, we share massive buying power and pass the savings on to you.

Why are 11.2×24.5 and 11.2×22.5 replacement pivot tire recaps so hard to find?

Most highway trucks are changing over to low profile and super singles which means there is a huge decrease in tall truck tires able to be recapped. The truck tire industry are using these casings again and again not leaving many for the pivot tire industry. We recommend  the RhinoGator No Flat Pivot Tire which comes in an 11.2×24 size.

I bought reinforced center wheels on my pivot tires and now the studs are too short when I try and mount them. What do I do?

This is common on Zimmatic and Reinke pivots. You will need to purchase a longer stud kit to replace the short studs. We can supply these kits – please ask your salesperson for details.

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